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Who Runs the World?

Women do of course! And when you are running the world, sometimes you feel guilty for the things you leave undone. Today is the day we will leave our wife/mom/girlfriend/daughter/sister guilt behind.

Who feels guilty about what gets left undone?

Guilt is just another way to punish ourselves. And lots of times we are already experiencing natural consequences of the situations in our lives.

Guilt is just another form of stress that we should unburden ourselves with. Heres how:

1. Look at the situation and the consequences of the situation. For example you aren't spending enough time with a loved one. There is no need to feel guilty about not spending enough time with a person. You are already living with the consequence of not seeing that person as much as you would like.

2. Accept that the situation is not as you would like it to be. Using the same example, it is your job to accept that you are missing that loved one.

3. Choose to solve the problem, not guilt. To solve this problem with this example, make and protect the time you want to spend with that person. If you choose to feel guilty you are just burdening yourself with stress, instead of solving the issue.

Try it out. We women do enough, there is no need to add additional stress to our lives.

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