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Sabanoh Mental Health was founded by Iyamide O. House, a National Board Certified Counselor, and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Iyamide earned both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from The  Johns Hopkins University. She has been intensively trained by Marsha Linehan's training organization Behavioral Tech in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. She also interned at the renowned Wendt Center for Grief, Loss, and Trauma in Washington DC.During her graduate school practicum Iyamide had the opportunity to work with women at a Maryland state correctional facility. There she saw every day women (nurses, teachers, business women, mothers, daughters,) who made choices that cost them their freedom. As she continued her work in mental health in both Maryland and DC she began to find that many women are often coping with their daily struggles without the support they so desperately need. Many women are trying to do it all, often losing themselves in the process. By 2013, Iyamide knew she had to create a space for women to gain the mental health support they needed.  She has seen the positive affects that happen by just providing an ear and a non-judgmental  safe space for women to talk about their frustrations. She had also been asked by numerous women to be seen individually to support that space, and out of that need Sabanoh Mental Health was established.

About the Owner

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