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Time?! Who's got time for dat?

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Anxiety and Time Management

Time management

One key to reducing anxiety is getting in front of your schedule. I often know that I am stressed because it feels like my schedule is running me. Stress often creates feelings of confusion, anxiety, or better yet not knowing "whether you're coming and going."


Here are a few tips that I often use to help me get back on track:

1. Write it down- Writing things down often decreases the anxiety of trying to remember what you have to do. You also will realize you have less to do than you feel.

2. Prioritize your list- Mark the things that have to get done.

3. Make time- Take about 15 minutes on Saturday or Sunday and plan your week.

Our busy lives

3a. If you can't plan your week, then plan your day the night before.

3b. When creating your plan, consider how your energy levels vary during different times of the day. For example: If you are a morning person, try to do more energy consuming things during that time (or whatever time you feel most energized).

3c. Also consider your things that make you irritable (like being hungry, tired, or sick). Do not plan emotionally taxing things around those times.

5. Be okay with letting things go! Everything can't always be done- If it is not a high priority item let it go.

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