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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Continuing the Dope Lab Conversation


Many people have a low threshold for lying, not realizing we all do it. And lots of time the lies that we tell are often to ourselves. Lying and telling ourselves we are ok and can handle the stressors of life even though we are stretched to thin. Or lying and telling ourselves we don't care about disappointments even though we are impacted. Or even lying to ourselves about our needs in life.

Why do we lie to ourself:

Lying is another way to avoid things. It may make us feel better in the short term but eventually our lies catch up with us. Usually we are avoiding negative feelings. However we have to engage with negative feelings to understand ourselves fully. Who are we, who do we become when we are not our best? Once we know that we know how we have to grow.

When we try to hide the truth from ourselves.

How to be honest with yourself:

  • Make a list about all the possible things you are avoiding.

  • Think about the worst case scenarios for the things you are avoiding.

  • Why are these scenarios scary to you?

  • Are these things in your control or out of your control?

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